ENC1143 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Classical Liberalism, Existentialism, Jean-Paul Sartre

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25 Nov 2016
Post-war Period (refers to the period after WWII; after 1945)
- Significant stuff: Hitler dies, atomic bombs dropped on Japan (start of the Atomic Age),
FDR dies, etc.
- Was a time of trying to figure out what comes next and picking up the pieces of the
Modernism era hence, post-ode ea afte o – oxymoronic)
o Frequently nonsensical anyway
- How do you explain all these terrible things (holocaust, WWII, Great Depression) and
what do you do with it?? Wee the uestios
Existentialism vs Fundamentalism
Fo sipliits sake these ae oad stokes ad huge oesiplifiatios)
- Existentialism generally: left, secular, individualistic
- Fundamentalism generally: right, spiritual, group
- Both do not need religious undertones, but it can have those.
- Each side can call the other the nihilistic (belief in nothing) side
o Eistetialis: ou ae eligious ad elieig i a highe ode that doest ee
exist, hence, nothing.
o Fudaetalis: ou eliee i o highe ode, ou eliee i othig o o
o Conservative
Anti-industry (destroyed classic Conservatism values: tend your own farm,
leave everyone alone, stop conquering other colonies. While war caused
people to die or lose their homes, industries flourished)
o WWI veteran
All his buddies in the war as well; all of them died.
Became very spiritual afterwards
o Nostalgia of Post-Modern era
The past as a ette tie tha the peset, so lets eeate that.
Very much tied with fantasy.
Paints over certain atrocities.
His books offer oversimplified ways to deal with things in life. (the evil
characters all look like demons and other unpleasing creatures, the good
characters all looked a certain way)
“ate pooued shat
o WWII veteran
o We ae ou hoies.
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