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HIST 141 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Han Feizi, Tao Te Ching, Taoism

Daoism: Laozi Laozi- dates unknown Zhuangzi- ca. 369-286 B.C.E. Dao de Jing ca. 250 B.C.E. 1) Daoism 3 key words • Dao-the way • De- potency power • Wu-wei- non-action L...

HIST 141
HIST 141 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Human Nature

The vision of Mencius -Human nature -Self-cultivation -The role of the government Li-rights De-power of virtue Dao-the way Re-Humanity, goodness, relationship- ritual parallel Dao the order of nature, p...

HIST 141
HIST 141 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Junzi, Shang Dynasty, Xia Dynasty

Xia dynasty (myth)- ca 2070 or 2000-1600 B.C.E Shang ca. 1788-1122 B.C.E written evidence Xia- no written historical evidence Before Shang found some evidence of cultures Yangshao- pottery, lived in small villages, ke...

HIST 141
FREN 101 Lecture 1: Nombres

find more resources at NOMBRES Un 1 Neuf 9 Dix-Sept 17 Deux 2 Dix ...

FREN 101
PSYC 320 Lecture Notes - Circadian Rhythm, Absenteeism, Psychoeducation

Can an infant be depressed? This question, simple at first glance, turns out to be the heart of considerable controversy. Let's look first at some of the evidence supporting the view that "yes, young children do develop d...

PSYC - Psychology
PSYC 320
Virginia Mackintosh
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