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UMPSY 201sufkaFall

PSY 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Behaviour Therapy, Anxiety Disorder, Mental Disorder

OC134218312 Page
A variety of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral symptoms that: Ex: someone has died, and you feel that you talk/see them sometimes. Is this person ha
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UMSOC 101Jamie NelmsFall

SOC 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: George Herbert Mead, Role Theory, Ascribed Status

OC7069032 Page
Soc 101 exam #1 study guide. The exam will consist of multiple choice questions. We will go over question styles in class so you are familiar with the
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UMPSY 201Sufka/ SmithermanFall

PSY 201 Lecture 6: Psychology 201 December 1, 2016 Lecture

OC13424833 Page
Giving in to others: obedience: obedience: changing your behavior b/c someone told you too, (cid:498)i was just following orders(cid:499) Nuremberg tri
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UMPSY 202Merv MatthewsSpring

PSY 202 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Percentile Rank, Bar Chart, Categorical Variable

OC1646126 Page
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UMPSY 202Merv MatthewsSpring

PSY 202 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Interquartile Range, Standard Deviation, Central Tendency

OC1646127 Page
Raio: what is the deiniion of the median of a distribuion? value that cuts the distribuion in half. Raio: what is the deiniion of the mean of a distrib
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UMPSY 201danielrogersFall

PSY 201 Lecture 39: Notes - November 28, 2016

OC13375143 Page
Lacks the trigger (panic, afraid of panic; phobia, afraid of something) Cluster a: auto eccentric behavior: off behavior, goofy, 3 disorders know. Clus
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UMAH 201Betty CroutherFall

AH 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Hatshepsut, Cowry, Tutankhamun

OC48420129 Page
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UMPSY 201Sufka/ SmithermanFall

PSY 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Ice Pick, Mania, Psych

OC13424832 Page
Hospitals= custodians of people who could not be cured: (cid:883)(cid:889)(cid:882)(cid:882)/(cid:883)(cid:890)(cid:882)(cid:882)"s: patients wandered
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UMHIS 106johnfioriniFall

His 106 Lecture 1: His 106 Presidents

OC7069031 Page
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UMENGR 310Martin BolenSpring

ENGR 310 Lecture 11: Econ 310 Day 11

OC15122766 Page
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UMPOL 101GedmanSpring

POL 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 29: Campaign Advertising, Campaign Finance In The United States

OC8929041 Page
Party identification is the biggest factor accounting for how the people vote: directly influences the vote, indirectly influences the vote by affectin
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UMPOL 101GedmanSpring

Pol 101 Lecture 24: POL 101 10.29.14

OC8929042 Page
Must have understanding and willingness to allow minority views: no one is always the majority. Must be informed to vote the smart way. More diicult to
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