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UNHBCHM 658JohnWinter

BCHM 658 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Logarithm, Titration Curve, Sodium Hydroxide

OC10467824 Page
15 Jul 2016
Biomolecular tutorial 2 tutors" version ph and buffering. Buffers are solutions which minimise ph changes when small small amounts of acid or alkali ar
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UNHBIOL412John BurgerFall

BIOL412 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Red Wolf, Cladogenesis, Anagenesis

OC12154062 Page
3 Oct 2016
Darwin had no way of knowing the mechanism of where all these organisms came from. The process of speciation is difficult because it is extremely diffi
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PSYC 402 Lecture 16: Chapter 7

OC8395141 Page
24 Mar 2016
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JUST401 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Transitional Justice, Sentence Clause Structure, Restorative Justice

OC8805672 Page
4 Apr 2016
In a short sentence or two, define justice, in your own words. Justice is getting a certain consequence that is deserved after an action. The just word
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PSYC 402 Lecture 19: Ch. 9 T-test for Independent Samples

OC8395141 Page
1 Apr 2016
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UNHBIOL 528Patty JaremaSpring

BIOL 528 Lecture 5: Topic 5

OC15356146 Page
9 Mar 2017
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UNHPHIL 430kristianFall

PHIL 430 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Polskie Radio Program Iii

OC10467823 Page
1 Dec 2016
Timothy: his job at stake wants to do it well and save the company money. Wants to show that he can manage his interns. Consulting firm: the bottom lin
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ANTH 411 Lecture 18: Gender

OC8395141 Page
14 Apr 2016
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ANTH411 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Switcher, Agrias, Pastoralism

OC8395142 Page
14 Apr 2016
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UNHPSYC401Rebecca NappaFall

PSYC401 Lecture Notes - Nucleus Accumbens, Affective Neuroscience, Self-Actualization

OC1337413 Page
9 Jul 2013
Homeostasis: the bodys tendency to maintain the conditions of its internal environment by various forms of self regulation. Drive: a term referring to
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UNHESCI 401Boettcher, Margaret S.Fall

ESCI 401 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Vadose Zone, Aquifer, Water Table

OC20223813 Page
23 Oct 2017
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UNHBIOL 528Patty JaremaSpring

BIOL 528 Lecture 6: Topic 6

OC15356144 Page
11 Mar 2017
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