ADPR 360 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Media Consumption

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12 Oct 2017
ADPR 360
Understanding Research Data: Index Number
Selecting Target Audience
Index: the likelihood of a demographic group to consume a
product/brand compared to the total population
o Index = % demo in target group / % demo in base population x 100
o Index = cell vert% / row total vert% x 100 (USE THIS ONE)
o Index = cell horz% / column total horz% x 100
Selection Rules:
o Flag all groups with index numbers greater than 100
Rank size (vert%) and rank index
Weigh vert% difference and index difference
o Be cautious about all groups with index numbers below 100
Somewhat below 100: size of the demo (cell vert%)
Well below 100
Need both potential and size
Consumer Research
Consumer Profile
Identify Target Demographics from MRI+
Select 2-3 MRI demo. To specify Target PRIZM segments
Fill in Consumer Profile Chart with
o PRIZM demographics trait, lifestyle and media traits, and narrative
o MRI demographics + media consumption
find more resources at
find more resources at
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