ADPR 451 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Plaintext, E.G. Time, Food Bank

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12 Oct 2017
ADPR 451
Why bother planning?
o Accountability: pressure to demonstrate results
o Keeps you organized, saves resources: e.g. time and money
o Connects client needs to creative process
o Keeps you on strategy
Staying on strategy
o Strategic writing: goal-oriented writing; helps organization reach its
o On strategy: focuses on a clear message that helps research the
organization goal
o Off strategy: fails to connect to business goals; message is not
Types of plans
o Strategic plan- long term
o Campaign/single use plan- designed to accomplish a specific
Situational analysis
o Orientation to the client/org. and environment
o What is the problem to be solved?
o Relevant audiences?
Who is top priority?
o Focuses on only ONE element of the problem
o Starts w/action verb; “To...(verb)…”
o Specific, quantifiable and measurable
o ID target audience
o Includes deadline
o Is attainable
o Plan may have more than one objective
o EX: Goal for food bank: To GAIN two tons of donated canned food
from UNL students by October 2017.
Obj #1: To gain two tons of donated canned food from UNL
students by October 2017.
Obj #2: To generate awareness of food insecurity in 20% of
UNL students by October 10, 2017.
Motivational Objectives:
o Motivational: bottom-line oriented
o More difficult to achieve
o Measure change in attitude or opinion through change in behavior
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