CRIM 211 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: President Of The United States, Fot, Prosecutorial Misconduct

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Chapter 6 Notes
State Prosecutors
Every state has a system of prosecutors that are tasked with enforcing state law. Larger
communities will also have a group of prosecutors that handle more minor affairs
dealing with local ordinances.
In Nebraska, each county has a County Attorney (CA) who is an elected official. IN more
rural locales, where the need for a fill-time attorney is not necessary due to caseload, it
is’t uoo for the CA to also aitai a priate pratie. The CA seres not only as
the chief prosecutor in the community, but also frequently is called upon to advise the
legislative body within their jurisdiction. Elected every 4 years like the governor. The
Deputy county attorneys are not elected- they are government employees and can
serve as long as they can keep the job.
Handle felonies and misdemeanors. In Lincoln, the county attorney will deal with any
misdemeanors that occur outside of the city limits. The county attorney handles
criminal matters. The City Prosecutors are in charge of violations contained within the
Municipal Code (all misdemeanors). Both of these offices also have attorneys that
handle civil matters for their governmental entity. Stay on either criminal or civil side.
The assignment of dockets (types of ases hadled) geerally depeds o a attorey’s
experience. (Newly graduated lawyer would not try a murder case. They might start
with traffic.) The become more comfortable with the courtroom, procedures, dealing
with opposing counsel, etc.
Federal Prosecutors
Similar to state systems, but on the federal side you have US attorneys rather than
county or district attorneys.
The federal government has divided up the jurisdictions into Districtsmore populous
states may have multiple Districts in order to create efficiency in handling cases.
US Attorney= a head of one district. The new POTUS appoints them and they are
confirmed by the senate. They serve as long as the POTUS wants them to.
The Assistant USAs handle the courtroom duties. They are hired the USAs in that
district. Both criminal and civil divisions. Within the criminal division, there will be
further subdivisions regarding the types of cases handled.
Proseutor’s Noproseutorial Duties
As a legal representative of the government, a fundamental aspect of their duties is to
provide advice to elected officials, agencies and employees of their jurisdiction. In
addition to civil matters, prosecutors may also be involved in the following:
o Juvenile and Dependency (ex: elderly) Cases
o Child Support Enforcement
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