PSYC 181 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Short-Term Memory, Sensory Memory, Explicit Memory

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7 Feb 2017

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Chapter 7 MEMORY used to interact with people, remembering phone numbers stuff you need
Set of process that allows us to record and later retrieve experiences and information
Remarkably complex
Remember critical for functioning
3 basic memory process
Encoding translating information into a neural code that our brain can understand (entering)
o Typing notes
o Reading notes
Storage keeping information in your mind (saves data)
Retrieval pull out information from storage to use (open up file)
Three component model
Developed by Atkinson and Shiffrin
Takes into account 3 processes
Sensory memory, short term, long term
Sensory inputsensory memoryencoding(attention)short term memory(
rehearsal)encodinglong term memory short term
Sensory memory allows a complete sensation to linger in memory for a very brief time after it has
actually ended (fireworks, sticks Sparkler)
Like a movie too
“perlig’s eperiet
Different senses have different memory
Visual info ioi store
o Complete visual picture
Auditory info ehoi store audio
Short term memory (duration: about 20 sec (without rehearsal))
Things you selective attention ( tune out certain things)
STMwhat were currently focused on/thinking about
Includes things we are trying to learn and remember or things we have learned in the passed
Studying and during exam when we are remembering things
Not reeerig soeoe’s ae is aused  short ter eor failure
Magic number 5-9 letters
Boschtidetm lty, dor
Aicibfmbi tm
Can be phonologically, visually, motoric, semantic
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