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Lecture 18

RELG 307 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Fairy, Jesus Predicts His Betrayal, Great CommandmentPremium

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Religious Studies Program
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RELG 307

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RELG307 Lecture 18 Notes
Jesus rides a colt into Jerusalem
Jesus curses the fig tree to unfruitfulness
o Verse 20
o Saw the fig tree was withered
Jesus turns over temple tables
Jesus’ Authoit is Questioed
o Debate with scribes and Pharisees
o Jesus dodges question
o Jesus asks what authority John had
The sa the do’t ko
He sas he o’t tell the eithe
The Parable of the Tenants
o Servants were wounded and sent away empty handed
o The man sent his beloved son
The tenant killed the son
Wanted his inheritance
o The owner destroyed their vineyards
Paying the Imperial Tax to Caesar
o Herodians and Pharisees try to trap him
Butter him up
Is it laful to pa taes to Caesa o ot?
Jesus asked why they were testing him
o “as that if the oi has Caesa’s fae o it, give him back
what is his
They were amazed
He dodged the question
Turned its back on them
Marriages at the Resurrection
o Sadducees (believe there is no resurrection)
Bothes aig thei othe’s idos
Leveret marriage
o Guarantee that there will be some offspring
Situation of the 7 brothers
All died without children
Woman finally died as well
o In the resurrection, whose wife will she be?
o When we rise from the dead, there is no longer married or unmarried
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