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Lecture 21

RELG 307 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Synoptic Gospels, Saint Peter, Fig LeafPremium

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Religious Studies Program
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RELG 307

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RELG307 Lecture 21 Notes
Adam (before the fall) is held as model for our emulation
Gospel of Thomas
o Sayings 26-33
o Saying 77
I am the light which is above all of them, I am the all, the light came
before me and reached me
Jesus seen as cosmic being
Very close to Christology we will see in Gospel of John
o In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with
God and the Word was God
A split wood and I am there, lift up the stone and you will find me there
Each single copy is not identical
Expect variation
o Saying 37
When will the Messiah come again for the second time? When will we
see you again?
When you undress without being ashamed
o Adam was ashamed at the Fall and covered himself with
fig leaves
Be as little children
See the son and shall not fear
o Baptismal rights in Syria
Candidates for baptism assemble on Easter Sunday
before the sun had risen
Gather by river
Strip naked and face to west
o Reject devil
Turn to face east
o Invoke presence of Holy Spirit
Trample clothing that you had worn there
o Get rid of the person that you once
Get baptized, submerged 3 times
o Females baptize females
o Males baptize males
o Dress in new, white robe
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