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Lecture 22

RELG 307 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Great CommissionPremium

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Religious Studies Program
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RELG 307

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RELG307 Lecture 22 Notes
Matthew and Luke made as improvements on Mark
o Mark ended with empty tomb, but women freeze and do nothing
o Mark opened gospel with stories of John
At the poit of Jesus’ aptis, his iistry egis
Matthe egis Jesus’ areer with the advent of the Holy Spirit
Matthew and Luke write additional beginning where advent begins with birth of Jesus
o Holy Spirit is father that causes Mary to conceive
o Raised concerns in early church
The Gospel of Phillip
o Raises question about theory of virgin birth
o “ie he, the, did a oa oeie y a oa?
fundamental problem when thinking in these terms
obvious female (Mary, mother of Jesus)
unnatural conception
o Joseph has no hand in this matter
o Conceives by the Holy Spirit
Who/what is the Holy Spirit?
Masculine entity
“pirit is traslated as a feiie ord
from Hebrew
Q as realized ad ade aailale i Atioh through the author of the Gospel of
o he was carrying with him a collection of the sayings of Jesus
o you can see from Q that Jesus restricts his ministry to Israel alone
is’t portrayed as goig outside of Israel to Getiles
only at end when he appears to give the great commission does Jesus say
go out ito the orld
mission gets increasingly directed to Gentiles (non-Jews)
o Matthew and Luke
Luke uses Q throughout chapters 9-18
Lukan travel log
Concentrated in this section
Matthew clusters Q in 5 locations
Sermon on the Mount
o Chapters 5-7
Missionary discourse
o Chapter 10
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