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Lecture 23

RELG 307 Lecture 23: RELG307 Lecture 23 NotesPremium

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Religious Studies Program
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RELG 307

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RELG307 Lecture 23 Notes
Gospel of Matthew
Genealogies represent distinct differentiation from birth
o Joseph liked to Daid, ut Joseph is’t Jesus’ father
Virgin birth developed late
o Mark did’t ko aythig aout it
o Matthew and Luke have different versions
Birth of Jesus according to Matthew
o Metios Mary’s egageet to Joseph
o Found to be already pregnant
o Appearance of angel to David
Occurs 3 times
Matthew very interested in prophecy/fulfillment relationship
o Dream/vision that causes act of compliance
Fulfills prophecy
o Scene of birth
Introduced by vision of Magi
People from Persia
Either priests or astrologers
o Probably astrologers
o They sa Jesus’ star i the east
Saw some significance in it
o Followed it to worship Him
Troubled at the news of Jesus being born
Inquired where the Christ was to be born
o Iterestig that he ould’t hae elieed i this
according to his faith, but still considered the existence of
Summoned wise men
Sent them to Bethlehem
o Secretly intends to hurt the child
Magi find Jesus, offer gifts, are warned in a dream to return by another
Angel of the Lord appears to Joseph in a dream
Leave to Egypt for Herod will come for the child
o Joseph has another dream to return to Israel
Heard Herod’s so as reigig ad was afraid
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