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Lecture 25

RELG 307 Lecture Notes - Lecture 25: Pharisees, Messianic Secret, BeatitudesPremium

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Religious Studies Program
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RELG 307

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RELG307 Lecture 25 Notes
Gospel of Matthew=Gospel of Higher Righteousness
oDirected toward Jesus’ audience in Galilee
Collected in Q
When Q reached Antioch, it was combined with teachings of Paul
Emphasized adherence to mosaic Torah
Alms giving
Important in Israelite tradition
One of 5 pillars of Islam
Do so quietly by yourself
oSection 29 on prayer
Don’t be like hypocrites
Pray in private
oSection 45
Jesus cleanses a leper
The man went out and spoke freely to spread the news
Jesus could no longer enter a town
People came from every corner
Gospel John Chapter 4
oFormula quotations
Moses and Jesus comparing sayings
oJesus’ mission was oriented toward Israel
Matthew 10:5
oBeware of men, they will flog you and make you bear testimony before them and
the Gentile, do not be anxious when they deliver you up, the Spirit of God will
speak through you
oMessianic Secret
Appearance from Mark
Luke adds woes to it as well
oSection 63
Woman with costly ointment who anoints Jesus
oEverything is in parables so that they may not understand
Prophet Isaiah chapter 6
Portrays Jesus as using parables to confuse
Prevent their repenting/accepting of kingdom
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