RELG 307 Lecture 18: RELG307 Lecture 18 Notes

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University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Religious Studies Program
RELG 307

find more resources at RELG307 Lecture 18 Notes  Jesus rides a colt into Jerusalem  Jesus curses the fig tree to unfruitfulness o Verse 20 o Saw the fig tree was withered  Jesus turns over temple tables  Jesus’ Autho▯it▯ is Questio▯ed o Debate with scribes and Pharisees o Jesus dodges question o Jesus asks what authority John had  The▯ sa▯ the▯ do▯’t k▯o▯  He sa▯s he ▯o▯’t tell the▯ eithe▯  The Parable of the Tenants o Servants were wounded and sent away empty handed o The man sent his beloved son  The tenant killed the son  Wanted his inheritance o The owner destroyed their vineyards  Paying the Imperial Tax to Caesar o Herodians and Pharisees try to trap him  Butter him up  ▯Is it la▯ful to pa▯ ta▯es to Caesa▯ o▯ ▯ot?▯  Jesus asked why they were testing him o “a▯s that if the ▯oi▯ has Caesa▯’s fa▯e o▯ it, give him back what is his  They were amazed  He dodged the question  Turned its back on them  Marriages at the Resurrection o Sadducees (believe there is no resurrection)  B▯othe▯s ▯a▯▯▯i▯g thei▯ ▯▯othe▯’s ▯ido▯s  Leveret marriage o Guarantee that there will be some offspring  Situation of the 7 brothers  All died without children  Woman finally died as well o In the resurrection, whose wife will she be? o When we rise from the dead, there is no longer married or unmarried find more resources at find more resources at  Refe▯s ▯a▯k to a passage of s▯▯iptu▯e f▯o▯ Moses’ time  Greatest Commandment o ▯The Lo▯d ou▯ God, the Lo▯d is o▯e. Lo▯e the Lo▯d ▯ou▯ God ▯ith all ▯ou▯ hea▯t, soul, ▯i▯d, a▯d st▯e▯gth▯  Deuteronomy 6 o ▯Lo▯e ▯ou▯ ▯eigh▯o▯ as ▯ou▯self▯ o Jesus told them they were not far from the kingdom of God  Whose Son is the Messiah? o Who is Jesus?  Da▯id said ▯the Lo▯d said to ▯▯ Lo▯d▯  You ▯a▯’t ha▯e t▯o Lo▯ds? o The crowd was glad...but they probably should have been confused  Warning Against the Teachers of the Law o Teachers of the law will be punished mo
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