RELG 307 Lecture 20: RELG307 Lecture 20 Notes

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University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Religious Studies Program
RELG 307

RELG307 Lecture 20 Notes Read 5 birth narratives o Plato Documents pp.129120 o Apollonius of Tyana: Documents pp.2089 o Jesus: Matthew 1:12:23 o Jesus: Luke 1:2656, 2:210, 3:2338 o John the Baptist: Luke 1:525, 5780 Make a list of the elements or types of ingredients (not the individual details of the episodes themselves) common to each of these five accounts Gospel of Thomas o P. 19 o Jesus appears from the dead and has conversations with disciples Everything is declared clearly These are the secret sayings that the living Jesus spoke and Didymos Judas Thomas recorded DidymosDidumos (twin) o Not only just a brother of Jesus, but a twin brother of Jesus o Traditions regarding Judas to be a twin brother to Jesus o the one who knows himself knowing yourself is the key to knowing everything else o when I hear from you about the hidden things, then I can speak about them open revelation being asked for the truth is difficult to perform before men o Thomas churches in India still exist today from Thomass mission to India India fell to Judas Thomas but he claimed that by reasons of the flesh he could not travel He was a Hebrew man and thought he couldnt go to the Indians o Angel appeared to him in the night o Searchingseekingfinding theme Hidden sayings of Jesus Saying 2 Saying 3 The kingdom is within you and it is outside you o When you are speaking Gods kingdom, you dont need to look up or around, it is everywhere in the here and now o This wasnt a new, astounding idea The phraseology he used was new the kingdom is a loaded term
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