RELG 307 Lecture 21: RELG307 Lecture 21 Notes

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University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Religious Studies Program
RELG 307

RELG307 Lecture 21 Notes • Adam (before the fall) is held as model for our emulation • Gospel of Thomas o Sayings 26-33 o Saying 77 ▪ I am the light which is above all of them, I am the all, the light came before me and reached me • Jesus seen as cosmic being • Very close to Christology we will see in Gospel of John o In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God ▪ A split wood and I am there, lift up the stone and you will find me there • Each single copy is not identical • Expect variation o Saying 37 ▪ When will the Messiah come again for the second time? When will we see you again? • When you undress without being ashamed o Adam was ashamed at the Fall and covered himself with fig leaves • Be as little children • See the son and shall not fear o Baptismal rights in Syria ▪ Candidates for baptism assemble on Easter Sunday before the sun had risen • Gather by river • Strip naked and face to west o Reject devil • Turn to face east o Invoke presence of Holy Spirit • Trample clothing that you had worn there o Get rid of the person that you once were • Get baptized, submerged 3 times o Females baptize females o Males baptize males o Dress in new, white robe • Enables them to see the Son of the Living One o Yourself, as you have become renewed in the act of baptism o After undergoing this ritual, you will really see yourself ▪ Theme of self-knowledge o Saying 42 ▪ Jesus said, “Be wanderers” • Shortest saying of Jesus • Be on the move • Corresponds to missionary instructions that Jesus gave His disciples o Travel light but stay on the move o Saying 46 ▪ There is no greater man, born of women, than John the Baptist ▪ Whoever among you shall become as a child shall know the kingdom and become higher than John o Saying 49 ▪ Blessed are the solitary and the chosen because you will find the kingdom • Because you come from it, you
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