RELG 307 Lecture 25: RELG307 Lecture 25 Notes

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University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Religious Studies Program
RELG 307

RELG307 Lecture 25 Notes  Gospel of Matthew=Gospel of Higher Righteousness o Directed toward Jesus’ audience in Galilee  Collected in Q  When Q reached Antioch, it was combined with teachings of Paul  Emphasized adherence to mosaic Torah  Alms giving  Important in Israelite tradition  One of 5 pillars of Islam  Do so quietly by yourself o Section 29 on prayer  Don’t be like hypocrites  Pray in private o Section 45  Jesus cleanses a leper  The man went out and spoke freely to spread the news  Jesus could no longer enter a town  People came from every corner  Gospel John Chapter 4 o Formula quotations  Moses and Jesus comparing sayings o Jesus’ mission was oriented toward Israel  Matthew 10:5 o Beware of men, they will flog you and make you bear testimony before them and the Gentile, do not be anxious when they deliver you up, the Spirit of God will speak through you o Messianic Secret  Appearance from Mark o Beatitudes  Luke adds woes to it as well o Section 63  Woman with costly ointment who anoints Jesus o Everything is in parables so that they may not understand  Prophet Isaiah chapter 6  Portrays Jesus as using parables to confuse  Prevent their repenting/accepting of kingdom  Matthew does not believe this o Jesus doesn’t call their blindness o He speaks in parables because these people are a lost cause for understanding o Section 93  Luke and Matthew follow Mark by inducing allegory  Translation of the parable of the sower into language of later church o Substitute idea of seeds for the Word and sewer as the
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