TEAC 331 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Visual Learning

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To Remain an Indian
Chapter 2 (pages 17-42):
- Native societies were assumed to have no educational systems and to lack verbal,
cognitive, and motor skills necessary for traditional schooling environments
- Don’t understand and recognize the strengths of indigenous schools
- Stripped children of their native language (boarding schools)
- Did not understand English but were still expected to follow directions and
expectations given to them and set in English
- Silence was a primary discipline and weapon
- “What is education?”
- Education does NOT equal schooling
- Many teachers and scholars identify Indian schools and specifically students as
one-dimensional learners
- Question: What are the characteristics associated with one-dimensional
- Characterize Indians as stereotypes (natural environment and seen as visual learners)
- We are NOT one-dimensional learners, and we need a good balance between all
different types and styles of learning
- Native voices teach important lessons
- Authors strive to show how elaborate their culture is and hopefully increase
cultural understanding and appreciation
- Explanatory theories
- Observe surroundings
- Organize knowledge of the past
- Explain who we are and what we see
- Cope with circumstances through adaptive strategies
- Plan for the future
- Native people wrote life histories that gave us a glimpse into their history and life
- “It is up to us to solve”
- Akira storyteller known as “Hand”
- Responsibility of learners to discover the truth
- “It is up to you”
- Need to put responsibility on yourself and put lessons learned into operation
- Sovereignty, self-government, self-determination, and self-education
- Design of educational systems
- Native education is typically viewed as informal
- The word informal has a negative correlation and is seen to be
one-dimensional and degrading
- Can be viewed as fun and something that has no rules or formal policies
- Education…
- For strength
- According to age
- According to clan/rank
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