TEAC 331 Lecture 3: 3- Bilingual Education and Heritage Language

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Absence Policy:
After missing two classes you will need to let a TA or the professor know so that
you can make up for the worl that you missed
This does not count as a penalty on your grade after missing those two classes
Lecture Reflections from the Guest Lecture:
Two Paradoxes from South Africa:
Quintiles and funding and feed
Bilingual education/heritage language
Notes from Lomawaima and McCarthy:
History of social construction… no historical account is disinterests or
historically neutral
There is no way to accurately capture the stories of everyone involved in
every element or aspect of history
Forces of standardization can be dangerous
What can we accurately define as being "standard"?
Parents should be trusted with the powers of choice and self-determination
How much responsibility should be given to parents vs. the state?
We should create and live within a "critically conscious democracy"
What things should have a greater amount of input and what things do
we need to take a second look at?
Schooling of American Indians has often been "colonial"
Colonial= enforces change and gets rid of the original by modifying it to
conform to or fit the norm
The new group believes they have the answers and thereby
enforces what they believe to be right
Safe vs. dangerous differences
Recognizing differences (ex: in language) vs. changing point of view in said
Pretense- The logic in which you choose to do something or the attitude that
they are bringing to the table
That word in reference to "No Child Left Behind" is because the belief is
that no one will be left behind but children are still being left behind (ex:
learning a new language with an extra obligation)
"Why is it a goal to reclaim endangered mother tongues, and to resist the new
standardizing regimes that operate under the pretense of leaving no child
Sovereignty- The group has been recognized historically as having rights in the
past; Not just random people, but rather a select group who has a claimed
history and identity to where those rights are legal
Paras are adults that are considered parts of those groups that can assist the
children because they identify with a similar group or identity with the children
they will be helping
If you are "of the group" then you are in, but if not then you can not be
included; This can be deemed and considered an issue or concern regarding
First Paper:
Draft due by the 27th of September (so that this can be edited in class by two
peers by October 2nd)
The final draft needs to be submitted on canvas (in the recitation section) by
October 5th
Peer review process
Need to bring two copies of your draft to give it to the person before and
after you alphabetically
Can note spelling and grammar errors, but the main thing to be
commenting on is the thoughts and ideas throughout the paper to ensure
that the content is where is needs to/should be
40/40/20 (reading/thesis/mechanics)
40% = Use of the readings (2 points)
Can you use things that you have read in this class to justify and
support your argument?
40% = Thesis (2 points)
To what extent are you making a coherent and sensible argument
"What are the pros and cons are thinking of schools as 'civilizing
"Civilized vs. savage"
"TEAC 331 is an ACE 8 course- one that considers ethics and ethical
decision making- clarify how ethical issues are implemented in
There is one other prompt but don't bother reading that shit
20% = Mechanics (1 point)
There are minimal spelling mistakes and grammar errors so that the
paper makes logical sense
Make sure that the paper is set up in a way that follows the prompt
and the order well
Bilingual Education and Heritage Language
Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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