TEAC 331 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Life Skills

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November 29th (Thursday): Papers due to peer reviewers
December 2nd (Sunday): Papers returned to/from peer reviewers
December 6th (Thursday): Final paper due (Word Doc) on Canvas by 11:59 PM
Paper Requirements:
1,800 words and about 6 pages
Prompt A: Schools helping students to develop both personally and socially, as
well as academically
Appreciated the aspect of freedom in the setup of Finland's educational
Life skills like voting or civic democracy, socialization/social skills,
following adult directions or disciplinary policies, making children feel
Need 3 sources to support your ideas! (from the reading; Can just use 3
different chapters of Schooled or can use 3 different readings from the
class; Can also use outside sources in addition to the in-class readings)
Prompt B: Recommended readings for high school teachers, parents, and fellow
UNL students
Still need three sources (one for each person) selected from our potential
in-class readings
Prompt C: Advice to Lindsey McClintock to try and encourage her to stay in the
The comma and the period will go inside of the quotation
Include a resource page
Correctly site and format your paper in APA format
Head your paper:
Your last name
Final doc. And prompt number
Inside of the quotation is the comma, but
40% = Class reading
40% = Thesis thoroughly supported
40% = Clean mechanics
Paper Instruction Notes
Thursday, November 15, 2018
2:04 PM
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