ENGL 350 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Gudrun, Dragon'S Blood

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9 Feb 2017

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Nibelungenlied Ch. 10-15
-siegfried and Kriemhild go onto live in the Netherlands happily and bear a son who they
name Gunther in honor of his uncle.
Likewise, Brunhild and Gunther have a son who they name Siegfried
-meanwhile Brunhild still boils with jealousy and wondering how it is that Siegfried
(who is supposed to be Gunther's vassal, has not paid him homage or benefits
from his own lands)
-schemes up a plan to see Siegfried by asking Gunther to have them visit
-They agree to go. Siegfried's father goes along with them, leaving young Gunther.
-foreshadowing that there will be tension; it is said little Gunther never again sees
his parents, and Siegfried's father endures horrible outcomes that could have been
Ch. 13:
-Kriemhild is extremely happy to receive the invite to visit her brother and
homeland, yet Siegfried suspects lightly as to why they were invited abruptly
Disputes arise between Kriemhild and Brunhild as they begin to discuss who's husband
is better
-begins when Siegfried is called a mere vassal, which Kriemhild defends and
insults Brunhild greatly, leaving her humiliated and seeking revenge on Siegfried
for the dishonor he has caused
Argument between Brunhild and Kriemhild:
-which husband is higher?
-Briemhild is a paramour according to Kriemhild due to the ring and girdle she has
that actually belonged to Brunhild
-rings and girdles are both symbols of sex, so despite it being said that Siegfried
did not have sex with her as Gunther had asked, they might have had sex.
-this leaves Brunhild in a position of deciet
-Hagen vows to Brunhild that he will seek vengeance on hi by taking Siegfried's life
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