Math 121 Syllabus

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MATH 121
Precious Andrew

MATH 121 COLLEGE ALGEBRA University of New Mexico Fall 2013ndInstructor Precious Andrew My Office Hours Tues 315415 Alg Table 2 floor DSH near elevator Email prcs841msncom Thurs 3154 DSH Lobby near deliMWF 2225 DSH Lobby near deli Prerequisite MATH 120 or placement testTextbook COLLEGE ALGEBRA Sullivan NM Custom Edition 9th Calculator Scientific calculator may be necessary for some homework No calculators will be allowed on any of the exams or quizzes including the final Homework Your daily homework is your most important effort in this course It is imperative that you do all of the assigned problems especially the hard ones because this is how you actually learn the material Expect 23 hours of homework for every hour of class meeting time on average 69 hours per week Quizzes Well have quizzes almost every class so be prepared Quizzes will be based heavily on the previous lectureHWpractice problems No calculators or notes MyMathLab MyMathLab is the electronic support that is required and crucial for your success in this classIt includes homework and tutorialsTo register go to httpmymathlabcomA registration code comes with your new textbookYour instructor will have your course code Exams There will be four inclass exams 100 points each You have to show all your work and use proper mathematical notation to receive full credit A correct answer without work will receive 0 points If you must miss an exam you must contact your instructor on or before the day of the exam and present appropriate documentation of an emergency in order to discuss a makeup test Makeup tests will be given solely at your instructors discretion If you do not contact your instructor immediately you may be dropped from the courseFinal Exam Core final exam worth 200 points The final exam will be on Monday December 9th 10 am12 pm room TBA Grading To get full credit on graded work students must address all mathematical components presented by the problem showing all steps and calculations The use of proper notation well structured procedures and legibility will be taken into accou
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