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Lecture 8

MUS 101 Lecture 8: Quiz2Lec3

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MUS 101
Pam Mc Allister

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Music Appreciation: Medieval & Renaissance Era Music: Renaissance Sacred Music: Renaissance:  Means “rebirth” (c.1400-c.1600)  Began in Italy Who’s who? 1. Christopher Columbus 2. Ferdinand Magellan 3. Leonardo da Vinci 4. Nicolaus Copernicus 5. Galileo 6. William Shakespeare Humanism:  From Latin studia humanities -The study of humanities -Things pertaining to human knowledge  Dominant intellectual movement of Renaissance  Focuses on human life -Experiences -Accomplishments -Dignity  Replaces the medieval focus on religion doctrines and the afterlife Seeds of Humanism:  1396 on- Ottoman Empire attacks force Byzantine scholars to flee to Italy -Bring with them ancient Greek manuscripts (such as works of Plato, etc.) -Italian scholars learn Greek language -Ancient Greek manuscripts translated into Latin -Revival of ancient learning -Centered on subjects such as grammar, rhetoric, poetry, history, moral philosophy Humanism and the Church:  In reality, role of Catholic Church not diminished -Essence of Christian doctrine remains -Church borrows from classical sources -Sponsors classical studies -Supports scholars, artists and musicians Humanism’s influence on Music  Mathematical principals of ancient Greek music theory recorgized and applied  Humanists focus on rehetoric -Art of oratory applied to music -Parallels ancient graceful style of writing -Ability to persuade listeners and to organize speed in coherent manner  Draws on & imitates ancient (classical) stories and themes The Reformation: 1) Martin Luther 2) John (Jean) Calvin 3) King Henry VII New Avenues of Patronage:  Rulers avidly support music -Notable 15 cent. Patrons: Kings of France & England Dukes of Burgundy & Savory Medici dynasty of Italy  Competed with each other for best composer & per
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