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Lecture 4

PSY 240 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Stanford Prison Experiment, Milgram Experiment, PenicillinPremium

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PSY 240
Nathan Singley

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Psychology 240 (Professor Nathan Singley)
Yellow = Important Concepts
Lecture 9/14/17: Ethics in Behavioral Research: A Cautionary Tale
Milgram Experiment
o Applying “shock” to subject in the next room
All participants continued to 300 volts
2/3 participants continued all the way to 450 volts
o Testing for obedience from an authority figure
Stanford Prison Experiment (1971)
o Placing authority on people can places them in a situation where they turn
o People in authority tend to dehumanize those without any
Informed Consent
Unless observing/recording behavior in a public setting with no reasonable expectation of
privacy, informed consent must be obtained prior to engaging in a study
Tearoom Trade
Ongoing Consent
Ensure that participants have regular and ongoing opportunities to opt-out or exit the
study at any time with clear communication of their right to do so without any penalty
o Minneapolis Starvation Study participants were forced to continue to starve and
were not allowed a chance to opt-out
Some tried to escape; others became deranged
Do No Harm!
Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
o 40-year study
o Failed to inform 399 African American research participants of their diagnosis
o Failed to provide treatment, even after the advent of penicillin
o Resulted in decades of deformity and death the infection of 40 spouses, and of 19
Ethics Assignment
1-page written response:
o “In an experiment with the risk of psychological harm, what procedures would
you design and implement to protect the rights and wellbeing of your
o Can be electronic (due at 2:59 PM, 9/21) or hard-copy (due at beginning of class,
Paying with Paper
Derren Brown
o Using chatter to “push the paper”
Using blank strips of paper
Literally why
o Use of persuasion saying “take it”
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