BIOL 4220 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Verbal Fluency Test, Executive Functions, Stroop Effect

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10 Dec 2017
PreFrontal Cortex, Executive function
Executive Process
Attention and inhibition
To focus and inhibit irrelevant stim
Task management
Scheduling and switch
Sequencing of steps to accomplish a task
Update and check working memory
To determine next steps
Representation of time and space
In appearance of working memory
(tower of Hanoi)
Physiological tests (screening tests)
Stroop test
Conflict resolution
Impulsivity test
Tower of Hanoi
Intermediate steps in planning and working memory
“Stop task”
Stop ongoing action (repetitive actions)
Measure reaction time (RT)
In response to “stop” signal
Normal => 300 ms (RT)
C.D. => 18 ms longer than normal
ADHD => ~100 ms longer
Fluency test
Verbal fluency
Mind wandering
ADHD pathology
Decrease metabolism in PFC and frontal cortex
Ditto for BG
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