BIOL 4220 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Classical Conditioning, Bad Trip, Reinforcement Learning

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10 Dec 2017
Behavioral Mechanism
Conditioning (learning)
Classical conditioning
Pavlovian conditioning
Pair association
Ring bell, pair with food (reward)
Dog predicts bell ring followed by food reward
Before conditioning
Bell ring is random (no meaning or context)
Pair reward with bell ring stim
Repeat many times
Bell stim becomes significant (leads to reward)
Conditioning (paired association)
Associative learning
Reinforcement learning (reinforced by a reinforcer)
Positive reinforcer (reward) or
Lead to seeking behavior
Substituted reinforcer (addictive drug)
Lead to drug-seeking behavior
Negative reinforcer (punishment)
Lead to avoidance behavior
Aversive drug (bad trip)
Lead to avoidance of drug
Establish association between 2 stim (2 events)
With reinforcer’s presence
US => unconditioned stim => food (reward)
UR => unconditioned response => salivation (expectancy of reward)
CS => conditioned stim => bell ring
CR => conditioned response => salivation (expectancy of reward)
(non-existing before conditioning )
(Exist after conditioning)
Extinction unlearning
Learn new meaning
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