ARTH 1040 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Nelson Mandela, Stone Age, Nelson Rockefeller

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25 Aug 2016
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What do we call them?
oShould be called (Kongo, Ashanti) people
oImplies that someone may not have proper social skills
oRoot of the word: primate (primus) meaning first or beginning
oImplies that they are at an earlier stage of development
oNot all people are “black,” they may be white African
oBody ritual of Anasarema
oImplies bizarre, unusual people
oOften used by people in Europe
oIt is too broad, could describe any type of art
oToo broad, not useful
oNot used because of the history of the word
oImplies being ignorant, uneducated
oHowever, Africans have been writing in Arabic since 632 A. D.
They should all just be called PEOPLE
The Museum of Primitive Art
Hardencore met up with Nelson Rockefeller to fund museum
The collection was later given to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a Rockefeller wing
The idea is that primitive is the first in a long chain of development
oExample: Road to Civilization goes from ancient times to the modern world
Stone age Mesopotamia Greece Rome Dark Ages Renaissance Enlightenment
What do people look at to decide these terms?
Instruments/tools: what kind of tools do people use to make their art?
The more sophisticated the tools, is considered “less primitive”
However, many paintings prove this wrong
oMerode altarpiece: made of eggs yet one of the most sublime paintings
A toolkit has nothing to do with the quality of art
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Before midterm: western sudan and guinea
After midterm: equatorial forest and southern savanna
South Africa became independent in 1910
Nelson Mendela was elected president and saved Africa from war
Diversity of Africa
The equatorial forest: inhabited by hunters and gatherers, several animals
Southern congo: not nearly as dense forest, open fields
The Sahara desert: herd animals, people that are adapted to the climate
Southern Africa: homestays, decorated houses
The people are almost always hospitable, dressed in exotic clothing
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