GWSS 1060 Lecture Notes - Lecture 20: Third-Wave Feminism, Female Chauvinist Pigs, Postfeminism

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1. Postfeminsm
a. Many other names for it.
i. Third wave feminism
ii. Lipstick feminism
iii. Raunch culture
iv. Marketplace feminism
2. Neoliberalism
a. All about Neoliberalism, signs of it.
i. Laissez-faire eooi lieralis the free arket
1. The belief that the market takes care of itself.
ii. Free trade (Globalization)
1. The belief that you can get anything from anywhere.
iii. Privatization (Reduction in Government Spending)
1. Everything should be profit driven.
a. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are fought primarily by private
iv. Deregulation (Reduction in Government Oversight)
1. Attempts to keep the government small.
2. h should the goeret tell e hat to do?
a. Gus, I fukig loe dead aials, oered i Oil ad poiso i
 ater!
v. Individualism (Dismantling of Labor Unions, Collective Bargaining)
1. Everything comes down to the individual, to me. I can choose what to
buy, eat, drink, etc.
2. Fuck unions, and fuck other people. I want a raise, why the fuck should
George get one too?
3. I dot are aout other people doig ell, so log as I a get hat I
3. Neoliberalism and Postfeminism
a. Oe Roe shifted the language of bodily rights from demands to choices, the advent of
neoliberalism did the rest, normalizing the self-focus and singularity made even more
possible by a booming free market. The parlance of the marketplace became the default
way to talk about almost all choices ade  oe.
b. Woe, i other ords, ould choose to be victims or not, regardless of any economic
or social forces- poverty, abuse, political disenfranchisement- that might affect their
dail lies.
c. Poer i [Wolfs] ostrutio, operated i a auu utouhed  rae, lass,
eduatio, ad aess to health ad hild are: if ou ouldt ut it, it was because you
siply were’t tryig hard eough. )eisler, 8-183)
d. Basiall sas: Dot help the poor, if the at out of poert, the ill get out of
poert. Dot help iorities, if the are sart, et, good eough, the ill rise to the
e. Neoliberalism is for selfish assholes.
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