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Lecture 18

JMC 1100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Quantitative Research

Journalism & Mass Communication
Course Code
JMC 1100
Rachel Young

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Media Notes 12/1, Social Networking
Social Network Sites:
1.) Profiles
2.) List of Connections
3.) Hyperlinks (friends, groups, images)
Social Network Analysis: Quantitative method for studying properties of a social
Building a Sociogram: A visual depiction of a social network
Components of a Social Network (creating your social network):
Ego (you)
Nodes (all the people you know)
Arcs (your friends that are connected to each other)
Strong & Weak Ties:
Strong Ties: Between family, close friends, similar to each other, shared experiences
Weak Ties: Between acquaintances, different from each other, friends on social media
Media Multiplication Theory:
Prediction: Strong ties are likely to communicate in more ways, while weak ties are
likely to communicate in fewer ways.
Social Capital: The benefits we gain from having social connections; access to
resources and information. (Examples: help on assignment, job reference, info about a
Social Capital: Defined as the benefits we gain from having social connections
2 Types of Social Capital:
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find more resources at
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