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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Music and Mysticism in the Medieval Church

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University of Iowa
MUS 1302
Jerry M.Cain

Great Musicians 025014Lecture Two Aug 28 2008Music and Mysticism in the Medieval Church Christianity like its ancestor Judaism is a social institution with a very long and important written history Monks nuns priest and other church officials had to be literate Great accomplishment of the early Medieval Period was the unification of the Christian Churchas the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH MEDIEVAL PERIOD 450 or so1450 fifth through fifteenth centuriesBasically from the decline of the Roman Empire c 476 to the invention of the printingpress Need to separate this long period into the areas of knowledge for this classth1 first extant mss of music appear in the 9 centuryth2 musical innovations of the 12 centuryth3 musical innovations of the 14 century EARLIEST EXTANT MANUSCRIPTS of music date from circa c 800 the ninth centuryEarliest musical mss contain SACRED MUSIC SACRED CULTUREanything i
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