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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 & 4 - Important musical events of the 12th century
Lecture 3 & 4 - Important musical events of the 12th century

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University of Iowa
MUS 1302
Jerry M.Cain

Great Musicians 025014 Lecture Notes Days 34 thImportant musical events of the 12 century 1100s 1Hildegard of Bingen 10981179see lecture 2 1Earliest extant mss of secular music 1Earliest extant mss of instrumental music 1Beginning of an important school of polyphonic music in Paris FranceThe Notre Dame School of composersEarly secular songs Based on original poetry written by learned men and womenCOURTIERS but also monks nuns priests for entertainment inroyal courtsTROUBADORS and TROUVERESpeople who wrote music Written down monophonically but probably performed withIMPROVISED instrumental accompaniment Medieval secular songs often deal with courtly love and chivalry as wellas war weaving and other aristocratic activitiesconcerns many ofthem are quite baudy graphicrisquEarly instrumental music thVery few mss survive from 12 century Monophonic pieces written for unspecified instruments Nearly all of them are DANCES of various typesfor example the Estampie or Salterello Notation used suggests emphasis on regular pulsemeter for dancing
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