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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 - Music of the Baroque Era

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MUS 1302
Jerry M.Cain

MusicoftheBaroqueEra16001750 JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH 16851750Must know his death dateMONODYLiterally one song and characterized by solo song with instrumental accompanimentHomophony by definitionHOMOPHONIC TEXTUREMelody plus accompaniment in a clearly hierarchical relationshipBASSO CONTINUOUsually one or two instruments that provide an accompaniment for a vocal or instrumentalSoloist reading from a musical part that is called the FIGURED BASS One of the basso continuo instruments plays the bass line as it was written by the composerwhile the other improvises on that bass line like the rhythm section in a jazz combo A typical basso continuo consists of low bass string instrument such as a cello p 41 oftextbook or low wind such as bassoon and a chordal instrumental something capable ofplaying more than one note at a time such as a lute or keyboard but there are manypossibilitiesBAROQUE NOTATION CONTAINS MORE DETAILS OF PERFORMANCE PRACTICELate Renaissance Italian composers began to designate dynamics expressive markingsinstrumentation etc to a degree much greater than before BUT there are numerous details of performance that are not captured in the notation ofBaroque music There was a great deal of improvisation and much that was simply taken forgranted because it was well known to the performers of the era
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