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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 - Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) - Epigone at the End of an Era

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MUS 1302
Jerry M.Cain

GREAT MUSICIANSCLASS NOTES DAY 10FALL 2008Johann Sebastian Bach 16851750 Epigone at the End of an EraGerman Lutheran composer and oneof the most influential figures inwestern music historyBorn into a family of musicians all ofwhom worked in churches andtown bands in the German villagesnear his birthplace of EisenachOrphaned at an early age JS Bachwas prepared for the musical profession by his brother who was anorganistEventually known as a virtuosoorganist himself JS Bach frequentlyadjudicated at organ playing contestsand he was highly regarded as anexpert on organ construction andmaintenanceAt age 23 J S Bach was appointedhis first important position courtorganist and chamber musician to theDuke of WeimarHe later worked for five years at the court of the Prince of AnhaltCthen where he wrotesome of his most famous instrumental works includingThe Brandenburg Concertos and The WellTempered ClavierAt age 38 he was appointed his most prestigious position when he became CANTOR atSt Thomas Church in LeipzigDuring his years at as Cantor in Leipzig Bach composed hundreds of SACRED CANTATASfor use in worship services in the Lutheran Church Although many of these compositionswere lost more 200 of these multimovement cantatas have survived to the present day
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