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Lecture 14

Lecture 14 - 19th Century Romanticism
Lecture 14 - 19th Century Romanticism

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University of Iowa
MUS 1302
Jerry M.Cain

th19CENTURY ROMANTICISMIn the broadest of terms a cultural movement emphasizing emotion imagination andindividualismBased largely in a reaction against the balance and restraint of Classical art and musicBasic qualityEMOTIONAL SUBJECTIVITYArtworks focus on the irrational emotional the world of dreams and horrorImportant emphasis on NATURE as a source of inspiration ROMANTIC CHARACTERISTICS IN MUSIC and the other arts NATIONALISMthe desire among artists and composers to intentionally create andorcelebrate hisher own national identity within their artistic creations EXOTICISMthe desire among artists and composers to intentionally create andorcelebrate a foreign national identity within their artistic creations PROGRAM MUSICinstrumental music that is associated with a story poem idea orscene The nonmusical association is usually specified by a title or by explanatory noteswithin the concert program CHROMATIC HARMONYthe use of chords and pitches that do not functionnormally within the diatonic tonal system of major and minor keys The use of chromaticharmony creates a heightened emotional or evocative effect while also loosening theaural sense of key and tonic thMUSICAL VENUES in the 19 CENTURYPUBLIC VENUESThe increasing wealth and political power among the middleclass ie the lessening of such power in the aristocracy led to a great increase in publicmusic making largescale instrumental concerts public opera houses the formation ofcommunity and professional orchestras musical societies andSUBSCRIPTION CONCERT SERIES
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