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Lecture 20

Lecture 20 - Igor Stravinsky

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MUS 1302
Jerry M.Cain

IGOR STRAVINSKY 18821971 Russianborn composer who becamefamous in Paris just before WWI later became an American citizen 1945Arguably one of the two or three mostimportant and influential composers of Western art musicin the twentieth centuryif youthknow only one 20c composerknow StravinskyCommissioned by the greatimpresario Diaghilev to writethree important ballets for the Ballet Russe Russian BalletThe Firebird 1910 Petrushka 1911Le sacre du primtemps The Rite of Spring 1913He and his family sought refuge in Switzerland in 1914 then movedback to France until the outbreak of WWII 1939He was an international celebrity in the 20s and 30s traveling in bothEurope and the United States composing on commission and conducting his own worksAt the start of WWII he moved to the US where he lived for the restof his life settling near Los Angeles and becoming a US citizen
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