MUSM 3001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Physical Body, Intentionality, Fokker E.Ii

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Lecture 6: Review Unit 5 and Midterm Review
I. The Object: Meaningful Physical Resource
a. “Every object speaks for themselves”
a.i. To me, this means that every artifact has its own story to tell.
a.i.1. Those who are particularly learned in the cultural
background of the object are also best to interpret and
understand its past significance
a.ii. Other POVs on the quote:
a.ii.1. The physical act of presenting an object can give it
a.ii.2. Having background info on the object can add to the
meaning of its message
b. More than everyday material things
b.i. Via process of collecting, cataloguing, and interpreting objects:
b.i.1. Objects become cultural documents used by museums to
enhance meaningful visits
c. Collection: Intention, valued, preserved
d. Process of Documentation:
d.i. Materiality: Physical object
d.ii. Intentionality: Collected, intended to be evidence
d.iii. Process: Object is catalogued, categorized
d.iv. Phenomenological position: Object is perceived as “document”->has
been musealized
d.iv.1. Phenomenology refers to study of experiences
d.iv.2. Part of this process is identifying how meaning and the
purpose of object has changed
e. In Museums, the goal of collecting is with the intent of preservation over time
e.i. Simulate catalogue process
e.ii. Museums are object oriented
II. Museum Paradigm Shifts
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