MUSM 3001 Lecture 1: Projects info (8/22/2016)

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Introduction to Museum Studies: Projects and Syllabus
Projects ad Contacts:
I. Creepy Campus Crawl
a. Happens at both the museums
a.i. Museum staff and volunteers dress according to theme and
participate/ lead activities, as well as hand out candy
a.i.1. Dress in Themes (i.e. uncharted territory, rainforest,
literary theme, etc.)
b. 2 weeks prep
b.i. Drawing, painting, setting up props and exhibits
c. Help run activities during the event-some costumes are provided, some are
Contact: Katherine Moermond
II. Night at the Museum
a. Only Museum of Natural History
a.i. Students explore the museum and different areas of science,
technology, and history, with interactive demonstrations, activities,
and hands on materials
b. You’ll spend a couple hours during the week as prep
b.i. And then on the night of, you’ll be at the museum for around 4 hours
c. A great way to get all your service hours in quickly
Contact: Julia DeSpain
Other Opportunities:
-Collections management (MNH)
Contact: Cindy Opitz:
find more resources at
find more resources at
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