PHIL 1034 Lecture 6: Lecture 6 Notes - The Rulers and the Nature of Justice

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Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!
The Rulers and the Nature of Justice!
Lecture 6 Notes!
9.10.2015 !
-In Guardian class, the lack of luxuries helps to keep them motivated on their own occupation!
-Happiness characteristic upon the type of person !
The Rulers and the Nature of Justice!
-Socrates claims that the ideal state will have wisdom, courage, self-discipline, and justice.
How are these properties understood? In virtue of what does the state have each of these
Wisdom - !
-pg 198, the wisdom of our society is the knowledge of the class of people who are
entrusted in the care of the community of a whole: the rulers!
-If rulers aren’t wise, but all the artisans know how to do their craft, it’s illegitimate to label
the entire state as wise!
Courage - !
-largely represented by the auxiliaries !
Self- discipline - !
-Agreement about who is to rule, namely the best control everyone else !
Justice - Everyone minds his/her own business!
-Everyone performs his/hers own function and does not interfere with others’ performance
of their functions!
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