PHIL 2429 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Consequentialism, Jus Ad Bellum

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25 Dec 2016
Strawser argues that the use of drones in manned areas is both morally permissible and
Argument Strawser Principle of Unnecessary Risk: If X gives Y an order to accomplish a
good goal G, then X has an obligation, other things being equal, to choose a means to
accomplish G that does not violate the demands of justice, make the world worse, or
expose X to potentially lethal rise unless incurring such risk aids in the accomplishment
of G in some way that cannot be gained via less risky means
o OP: For any just action taken by a given military, if it is possible for the military to
use VAV platforms in place of inhabited aerial vehicles without a significant loss
of capability, ( called the antecedent) then that military has an ethical
obligation to do so ( Consequent)
Principle of Unnecessary Risk example: Captain Zelda example: Captain wants to do
something illogical and wants to get her troops to do it as well. Getting herself to do it is
one thing, but asking for her soldiers to is something else.
Sigifiat poits to Straser’s arguet: Just ai, o sigifiat loss of apaility
(which includes success, proportionality, and discrimination)
Prudentville vs Reuvessiville example for consequentialism
UAVs might have problems in application, but they do’t hae i theory ay proles
Antecedent built as an empirical claim needs to have a just aim, capabilities (i.e. no
loss of success rate, proportionality, and discrimination
1. Autonomous Weapons Systems AWS are morally impermissible; UAVs AWS;
Thus UAVs are impermissible; Says slippery slope fallacies
2. Jus in Bello Worries using drones cannot discriminate; in order to use drones
morally in the first place you need to be able to discriminate, so it would be more so
an operator error
3. Cognitive Dissonance That operators would treat it like a video game that will
cause them to do more unjust actions with respect to jus in bello rules and that they
might get PTSD/other health issues; it’s all eig reorded ad there are three leels
behind them and there are levels of checks and balances more time to decide
actions than actually being on the ground
4. Targeted Killing UAVs Worry over non-war time use as opposed to war; Problem
with policy not UAVs
5. Asymmetrical Warfare Other party might have more advantages than the other
ad that’s ot hoorale or fair; the oerall poit of ilitary eapos systes is to
shot to kill in the first place
6. Lowering of jus ad bellum threshold which leads to more wars; 2 countries, alpha
zander equips their combatants with bulletproof vests to protect them for the
Priiple of ueessary risk hile eta does’t, they oth go to ar ad hae a
equal amount of death, he still thinks they should provide the bullet proof vests for
protection, e’d start going to war more because you have them i.e. e do’t
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