PHIL 2429 Lecture Notes - Lecture 23: Convention Relating To The Status Of Refugees, Preemptive War

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25 Dec 2016
1. Sentence 3: what is the best criticism against individualist approach
2. Preemptive war obvious explanation is its coming, but what are other strategies that we
disussed; Was to justif preeptie ar What are soe strategies for justifig
preeptie ars ee he the threat is ot…
Jeff Maha sas that …. Does’t eed itatios
Citations only for direct quotations
Any citations
Questions 1 and 3 are across the book
Parekh: Moral Obligation refugee camps
Is there a moral obligation to help refugees or care for?
o Yes (no extra harm) her view
o Yes, we have a moral obligation only if it costs us nothing or very little: the good
Samaritan principle
o No, funds and resources should be spent here
WWII 1951 Refugee Convention
o Needs to be facing prosecution (usually political) to be called refugees
o Eludes people fleeig ar just eause it’s ar
Discharging moral obligation to refugees:
o Refugee camps (local integration or allocating funds)
o Asylum (3rd country)
o Voluntary repatriation
59.4 million refugees in 2014
o 129,000 refugees seeking asylum
o 105,000 refugees’ voluntary repatriation (going back to categories)
o leaves 59.2 million in the refugee camp categories
International legal obligation: non-refoulment when people come to your country you
a’t sed the ak
1% of refugees in western Europe and the west
87% in countries in the global south
2/3 of them are in camps
We pay Mexico to keep people there to stop them from getting there 10 million per
Oberman fleeing starvation/economic severe hardship analogy to hospital people hurt
find more resources at
find more resources at
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