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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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University of Iowa
PSY 1001

Sensation and Perception 2I VisionA problem that faces the visual system is how to perceive something even when your head is tilted and the image on your retina is rotatedHow does this workThe visual system needs is a stable platform so that it knows which direction is up and how your head is orientedA First a stable platform which is provided by the vestibular system in your middle earThe vestibular system provides us with our ability to balance and maintain postureB The front endThe vestibular system gives the visual system a stable platformNow we need to start understanding the details of visionWell start at the front end and discuss the eyeBefore we can deal with transduction we need to make sure that we focus the light rays on to the back of the eyeOnce we have the image focused we can transduce the photons into neural impulses C Two visual systems in the eyeA metaphor for the two mechanisms of transduction rods and cones Two drunks stumbling down the street II The Logic of VisionA Creating perceptionThe rods and cones give us the sensation side of vision now we need to understand what happens to these sensations to create perceptionIn general what well see is that perception is built upcreatedfrom the photoreceptorsHowever perception is created
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