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Lecture 14

Lecture 14

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PSY 1001

Memory 1I Introduction and a Demonstration Memory was one of the earliest topics studied in psychology Well start with a demonstration on one of the first memory experiments an experiment by Ebbinghaus that was conducted in the late 1800s After using Ebbinghaus experiment as an example well develop a framework for thinking about the various structures and processes involved in memory This framework developed in the late 1960s by Atkinson and Shiffrin is called the modal model of memory II Sensory Memory A Why dont you go blind when you blink If your eyes are closed during a blink why dont you experience snapshots of your visual world that are interspersed with darkness The answer is that the visual modality has a memory store a sensory memory store that holds on to one snapshot while your eyes are closed This is called your iconic memory Each sensory system has its own form of sensory memory B Capacity and duration How much information can iconic memory hold and how long does iconic memory last Because we can take in so much visual information the capacity of iconic memory must be very great However iconic memory is very short An iconic memory only lasts about 13 of
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