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Week 1 Lectures (1 & 2)

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University of Iowa
Religious Studies
RELS 1001
Jay Holstein

Lecture 1Judaism has been around for more than 10000 yearsStoryOld Testament Hebrew Bible Christianity needs Judaism not vice versaJews and Christians need and agree on the BibleAbraham AyBramHighExalted fatherAyBraHam Father of a Mixed MobMultitudeTerahObstacleThe Land of the turning burning swordsreference to cherubsCherubsProduct of bestialityThree faces on humanAnimal is not humanevery time they turn a sword with lightning bolts appearsGuard the tree of life because humans want it but God says they cant have itFounder initiates a quest to give life a meaning againCanaanpromised land IsraelHalfway to the promised land Terah stops at the crossroadsAbraham gets communication from GodI want you to go to CanaanAbraham abandons sacrifices his father and goes on the questTerah lives for 70 more years at the crossroadsTerah never hears directly from GodLecture 2Name Judaism comes from Judah son of Jacob Jacobgrandson of Abraham1948 in the midd
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