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Lecture 4

Week 4 Lectures (6 & 7)

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Religious Studies
RELS 1001
Jay Holstein

Lecture 6Hebrew Biblemost difficult book to interpretModern moment of interestWhat happened to the Jews under Nazi control between years 34 45 Israel Not the promised landoHas shown incapacity to take care of herselfoThere will always be a place for Jews to go if their country doesnt want them Hitler believed Judaism as a vision weekend the Human race because of the second commandmentEven with the Russians and the US coming for Hitler the camps still ran full force now burning the bodies to cover their tracksHitler wound up in a bunker in Berlin and killed himself rather than being capturedLecture 7Hitler was a CatholicThe Catholic Church was neutral to HitlerThe Catholic Church has issued an apologize about how they reacted during the HolocaustThe Nazis war was a messoThey invaded their allies to get to more JewsoThey used their trains to transport Jews instead of transporting food to their dying troopsThe Nazis were more committed to killing Jews than anyone was to saving themWas there something
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