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Lecture 5

Week 5 Lectures (8 & 9)

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Religious Studies
RELS 1001
Jay Holstein

Discussion 8Throughout the Bible there are cautionary narratives to warn against relying too much on technologyAny attempt to thank God for something that he didnt do is evil2nd Great Modern Moment In 1948 out of the ashes comes Israel reborn modern Jewish state which hadnt existed for thousands of yearsBrought back dead language HebrewMade possible because Russia and the US came together to vote for the Jewish stateIn Israel there are two terms associated with what Jews call the HolocaustoShoahcomes from a word meaning devastation scream out loud in helplessness scream out loud when strapping on the war beltoFrom now on Israel will defend themselvesDiscussion 9ShoahIsrealis term in reference towards Nazi war against Jews Judaism1devistation suffering soul and reason of being dies with body like the killing of children2to scream all the Jews had left no defense weaponary etc screaming out loud in helpless pain 3to scream as one straps on the war belt ready to take blood when he comes to take yours Isreal now has a first rate military ready to defend and protect themselves against enemies Ariel Sharon ariel means lion of God one
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