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Lecture 13

AMST 1154 Lecture 13: Fast Food Nation(3-20)

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American Studies
AMST 1154
Rabinovitz Lauren

Lecture 12 3-20-2017 Fast Food Nation: American Dream Big Mac Rap • 15 million hits • Food items so familiar they can be “decoupled” from what they signify for a song of rhyming over the beat • Parody of take-out, drive-thru ritual • Satire about alienated fast food worker Fast Food Nation “The Founding Fathers” – Heroes of Individualism & the American Dream • Ray Kroc: McDonald’s • Harland Sanders: Kentucky Fried • Food business: The American Dream • American success story of charismatic individuals • Build American industrial empires that represent American-ness around the globe • Optimistic faith in technology • “pulling themselves up by their bootstraps” • Success outcome of creativity & hard work • Narratives that reinforce core American values American Success Stories: Entrepreneurial Efforts • W. J. Kellogg • Carl Swanson • Domenico Ghiradelli • Clarence Birdseye • Charles Birdseye • Charles Lubin • Geno Palucci Who are we now? Food (map) • 1933 • 1950: 20% disposable income on food; 15% at home; 5% away Lecture 12 3-20-2017 Who are we now? • 2007: 9.8% disposable income on food – 5.7% at home; 4.1% away • However, low0income households (lower than $20,000 • Food at Home: • 2/3 supplied by supermarkets • 1/3 by “nontraditional food retail (i.e convenience stores, take-out, farmers’ markets, organic food stores) • Farmer’ markets: supply approximately 1% of nation’s food • Walmart supplies nearly ¼ of nation’s food ( Paradox of plenty 2012 • 5.7 % at home; 4.3 % away from home • Total: 10 % Who are we now? • U.S 5.7% disposable income spent on food at home • United Kingdom: 8.3 % • Japan: 13.4% • South Korea: 13.4% • France: History of “Fast Food” before MacDonald’s • 1890s-1920s: industrialization & urbanization create new demand for cheap restaurants for workers • Rise of cafeterias, cafes, saloons featuring cheap food & speedy service Rise of Drive-Ins: Eating in Your Car • New reliances on automobile in the 1920s • Improving transporation • 1930s: rise of state highway systems • 1957” beginning of interstate
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