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Lecture 18

ECON 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Agroforestry, Polyculture, Osmosis

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ECON 201

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Desertification poor plowing practices allows for wind or
water runoff to carry topsoil away overglazing the loss
of plants and their roots along heavy animals compacting
the soil structure poor forestry practices deforestification
For fuel and building materials or growing inappropriate
crops on land causes the land to become desert like
poisoning the soil with pesticide can cause
Salinization when long term use of irrigating the land
with water increases the amounts of salts in the soils
water evaporates leaving salt behind
salty soil impede the abilityof plants to take up
water by osmosis the diffusion of water across
cell membrane
these fields have to be abandoned or cleaned at
great expenses
Food i
rThere are approximately 250,000 species of plants yet
the human species depends on about 300
Differences between domesticatedand wild ancestorplants
1Domesticated plants are cultivated protected from animals
and competition with other plants
2Domesticated plants have been bred for avariety of
selected traits through artificial selection
3Domesticated plants may not be able to survive in the
4Domesticated plants have little genetic diversity relative to
wild plants and thus may be more likely to be wiped
out by anew pathogen
5Domesticated plants look different
6Domesticated plants rely on alot of fertilizer and water
Undernourished lack of sufficient calories in available
food and thus the person is unable to do work
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