GEOS 200 Lecture 12: April 3rd Notes

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Published on 5 Apr 2017
Geoscience 200: Lecture Notes
Water Resources
The Water Cycle—closed system
We only have a given number of water molecules in our environment.
It has a very dynamic nature.
Wind patterns/pressure patterns—what would happen if you were a molecule of
water? (page 117)
Deep cycle of ocean water
Concept of where water is in time and space is very complex, but important.
Seasonality brings in monsoons, etc.
97% ocean water
3% fresh water (everything above sea level—rivers, streams, etc.)
In that 3% of fresh water, 77% is available at the surface for us to use as
fresh/drinkable water, .18% soil moisture, 11% groundwater, 11% deep
Surface water= 1% of freshwater lakes, saline lakes (coastal or changing interior
continents with evaporation), atmosphere, rivers and streams.
Surface water=99% ice and glaciers (Antarctica and Greenland)
Page 189: Figure 6.5 understand this!!!
find more resources at
find more resources at
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