AVS 101 Lecture 19: Lecture 19 notes

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Animal and Veterinary Science
AVS 101
Anthony Mallilo

Lecture 19 notes 01:11 Meat Industry 300 billion lbs. worldwide 42 billion lbs. in US 150 million lbs. of horsemeat Meat is appraised by Age of animal Meat not always tougher with age Flavor stronger in older animals Older animals have more finish (fat) Sex Males are castrated Undesirable flavor/odor when intact Dressing percent = (Carcass weight/Live weight) x 100 Carcass weight = what remains after skin, organs, etc. are removed. Average Dressing Percents Lamb – 50% Beef – 60% Pork – 70% Poultry – 85% Slaughter Procedure Rendered insensible Gas Electric shock Captive bolt pistol Animal is bled out Skinned Split and Eviscerated Lungs, heart, etc. Washed and cooled Inspected and graded Meat cooled rapidly to 34 F Kosher Method: Under supervision of Rabbi Animal is not stunned A rapid cut across throat Sever trachea, esophagus, vagus nerve Animal loses consciousness in 3 seconds Poultry slaughter Shackled upside down Shocked Bled Scalded Feathers removed Singed Eviscerated Chilled and packed Most valuable wholesale cuts Pork – ham Beef – Round Lamb – Leg Inspection and Grading Inspection Free service – USDA Determines wholesomeness of meat Is it safe to eat? Inspection seal Purple vegetable f
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