Jan 27- Basics of cultural anthropology

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University of Rhode Island
APG 203
Professor Garcia- Quijano

1/27/14 What is anthropology? • Anthropology- the study of human species and its immediate ancestors o Anthropos (people), logos (the study of) o Anthropology is holistic- the discipline is concerned with studying the whole human condition; past, present and future o Anthropology studies biology, society, language and culture o Anthropology offers a unique cross cultural perspective by constantly comparing customs of one society with those of others o People share both society and culture  Society is organized into life groups  Culture is the shared knowledge and customs transmitted through learning that govern behaviors and beliefs of people  While culture is not biological, the ability to use it rests in hominid biology o Deeply interested in COMPARISON • Key to human survival is connections to other human beings o Humans are the biggest gossips o Need other people for psychological health o Humans are the only animal that have culture  Culture is 100% learned not biological Adaption, Variation and Change • Adaption- the process by which organisms cope with environmental stresses o 4 types:  Cultural (technological) adaptation • Gives survival aids large animals do not have o Takes them hundreds and thousands of years to adapt o Ex: drop and animal from tro
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